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NY- Author Jim Tully's Son Joins Wife in Suicide

4-20-1950 New York:

"We can't go on living like this. If I find him, I'll try a suicide pact. He hasn't the guts to do it himself -- he's not fit to live in this world."

The speaker was Mrs. Margaret Tully, 43, a nurse. .... The man referred to was her husband, Thomas A. Tully, 39, son of the late Jim Tully, hobo author.


Mrs Tully found her husband. ... Troopers said today after identifying the bodies of two carbon monoxide victims in a car ...

A hose had been led in from the car's exhaust and the windows stuffed with rags. ...

Mrs. Garner described her neighbor as heartbroken because Tully, who had a long record as a sex offender was being sought by Nassau County Police ...

Mrs. Tully had announced to Mrs. Garnier her plan to try to find her husband and persuade him to die in her company. "I',m going to church." Mrs. Tully added. "If I don't come home for dinner tonight, I may never come back.."

Source: Newspaper clipping, Los Angeles Times dated 4-20-1950.

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