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TX- Sex assault suspect commits suicide

8-27-2009 Texas:

A man wanted in connection with a sexual assault in Denton County killed himself during a traffic stop in Collin County.

Collin County sheriffÕs deputies identified the man wanted by the Denton Police Department in connection with a sexual assault case who shot and killed himself on U.S. 380 Wednesday morning.

Lt. John Norton of the Collin County SheriffÕs Office identified the deceased suspect as 21-year-old Daniel Ali Kassam of McKinney. An autopsy conducted by the Collin County Medical ExaminerÕs Office confirmed the bodyÕs identity more than seven hours after his death.

Norton said deputies received an alert bulletin from Denton Police about the sexual assault around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday. The alert told deputies they were looking for a man in a black Infiniti regarding a reported sexual assault. Denton Police said the man was heading east on U.S. 380 towards McKinney.

A Collin County sheriff's deputy spotted the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop just east of the Farm-to-Market Road 1461 intersection. The driver of the Infiniti pulled over to the shoulder of the road, produced a weapon, pointed it at the right side of his head and pulled the trigger, Norton said.

Deputies did not make any prior contact to Kassam. Deputies immediately contacted dispatchers and asked them to send an ambulance. Paramedics declared Kassam dead at the scene just a few minutes later, Norton said.

Attempts were made to reach a representative of the Denton Police Department, but no one could be reached by presstime Wednesday. ..Source.. by Danny Gallagher, McKinney Courier-Gazette


Guest said...

Daniel Kassam Was A Friend Of Mine And I Have To Say He Is Innocent...
He Is NOT The Person To Lay A Hand On Any Women Let Alone A Finger. He Is A Great Friend And Loving Son And The Person Accusing Him Of Sexual Assualt Should Be Questioned More Then Once. The Person Who Did Accuse Daniel Of Sex Assault May Be Able To Live With What She Did As Okay For Now, But Later Down The Line The Guilt Of Her Accussing Daniel Who Took His Life Because He Was Afraid For Something He Didnt Do & He Knew No One Would Believe His Word Over Hers, That Will Haunt Her Forever. And To You The Girl Who Accussed Him, "You Sat There Accussed My Friend And Let Him Take His Life For A Crime He Did Not Commit & I Hope The Guilt Of That Breaks You Down." Daniel Was A Great Friend And He Will NEVER Be Forgotten. May He Rest In Peace. . .

Daniel Ali Kassam

Guest said...

i knew him. he was a really sweet guy and i really could never see him being capable of doing the things that have been said... he will be missed
we love u very much danny. Rip

Guest said...

I just found out about this and not to be rude, but why would he do that if he wasn't guilty? He could have pled innocent and had witnesses?

Guest said...

i am still in shock i knew him for years, i know he is innocent he had no need to rape any woman he could have women dropping at his feet, he was a good looking guy, and he had a huge heart. It can't be true, i wont believe it. And the girl that falsely acused him...... karma is a bitch and she will get hers in the end. There may be no justice in this world but eternity waits around the corner and there will be justice.

Anonymous said...

I knew him too. And sorry to burst your bubble but the facts stand. Daniel may have been influenced by alcohol and maybe even something else, but the actions depicted were his. He always said that if he did something that would land him in jail for a long time that he would rather take his own life. He lived up to his word, and that took him to his death. I knew him to be a good person, he had his flaws but he was good nonetheless. An entrepreneur, a sandwich stacker, a friend. He will be missed, and his way of leaving us won't overshadow the way he lived.

Anonymous said...

I am the girl who Daniel raped, and stabbed. Actually, let me rephrase that, he didn't stab me, he slit my throat from ear to ear with a butcher knife from my kitchen. My butcher knife. He cut my neck so deeply, that to this day doctors tell me I should have been dead from bleeding out. I still have no feeling in my neck, since Daniel cut so deep that he severed all of my neck muscles and nerves. He then proceeded to hold me at gun point and beat me, rape me, and do other things to me that I'm sure none of you could even think of. Since my assault I've continued to struggle on a daily basis with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) depression, anxiety, you name it, I've probably experienced it over the past 4 years. At the end of the day, as I hysterically sob and have flashbacks of the nightmare that happened to me, all I want is my old life back. Part of myself, and my soul died the night Daniel did all of those things to me. I am writing this note for one reason. For years I have read this article, and all of your comments, and let it completely destroy me and send me into a downward spiral. The only thing I kept thinking and asking myself was, how could these people who don't even know me, or what happened to me, say such horrible things about me? As I was laying in a hospital bed fighting for my life, your comments are what I had to read. Now, I REFUSE to let ALL of your comments affect me. I am writing this bc I hope and pray that the way I was treated and things people said about me won't happen to anyone else. I am strong enough to handle the harassment and viscous comments, someone else may not be. Watch your words, you have NO IDEA how detrimental they can be to someone. I would NEVER want this to happen to another human being, and I don't wish my life on anyone. Oh- and to those of you writing "RIP", why don't you rephrase your words and say "How is hell Daniel? Are you burning there?"