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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Child molester dies in state custody

8-26-2014 Montana:

DEER LODGE - A man serving a 25-year prison sentence for sexual abuse of children has died.

Montana State Prison spokeswoman Linda Moodry said Daniel Burns, 76, died Monday at about 6:30 a.m. from an extended illness. Burns was housed in the Lewistown Infirmary when he died.

Burns was serving a 60 year prison setnence, with 35 years suspended, for the offense in Roosevelt County. He was eligible for parole in November, and his discharge date was 8-18-2033. ..Source..

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dallas Officers Didn't Kill Terrance Groessel: Medical Examiner

8-22-2014 Texas:

Shooting recorded on video, police say

The investigation of an overnight shooting involving Dallas Police indicates the suspect’s death was suicide and not the result of officers’ gunfire, as originally reported.

In addition, it turns out the incorrect belief that the suspect’s vehicle was stolen sparked a confrontation that turned dangerous for the officers and deadly for the suspect.

Police said officers Michelle Herczeg and J. Jankowski were patrolling the parking lot of the Grand Hotel in the 7900 block of LBJ Freeway near Coit Road just before midnight.

"It was a location in which individuals were dumping stolen vehicles," said Maj. Jeff Cotner, with the Dallas Police Department.

In the parking lot, the officers spotted a truck they believed to have been stolen, and Cotner said as they approached, a man inside pulled out a gun.

Cotner said both officers opened fire as they backed away, and the man inside was pronounced dead at the scene.

State must do more to prevent prison suicides

All suicides mentioned occurred in DECEMBER a bad time for inmates.
1-6-2009 Michigan:

A new administrator charged with improving Michigan's dysfunctional prison health care system has a lot on her plate in 2009, but looking into prison suicides must become an immediate priority.

Three state prisoners committed suicide within one week during late December -- as many as committed suicide in all of 2007. The Michigan Department of Corrections must ensure that prison staff are trained to spot signs of dangerous depression and know when to make appropriate referrals to mental health professionals. Ensuring such training and competence falls squarely on the department's health care quality assurance administrator -- a new position that reports directly to MDOC Director Patricia Caruso.

An estimated one in four of Michigan's nearly 50,000 inmates is mentally ill, increasing the risks of suicide. Those risks naturally increase during periods of stress, including the holidays, parole denials, initial incarceration, or following a return to prison.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Homeless sex offender linked to bizarre Oklahoma death

8-19-2014 Oklahoma:

A homeless sex offender who spent much of the last decade behind bars has been linked to a bizarre McClain County death that had stumped investigators for months.

Michael B. Hair committed suicide just two weeks after authorities believe he took the life of 24-year-old Rachelle Lyn Flowers at her home near Cole in April. He is now linked to the young mother’s death by DNA, according to multiple sources.

Hair was 46 when he killed himself near a Goldsby mobile home park. He was a registered sex offender and burglar who served nearly a decade behind bars for assault, attempted rape and indecent exposure, court records show. His past convictions include burglary, grand larceny and obtaining merchandise under false pretenses.

Clinton Flowers, the victim’s husband, said Tuesday evening that he is upset that somebody like Hair was free and walking around.

“Why is this guy even free out here ...and what is wrong with us as a society?” he said.

“I mean, the guy’s been arrested 11 times. What happened to three strikes?”

McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett said Hair left his DNA “all over the crime scene” when he tried to burn down the farmhouse where the victim lived with her husband.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Inmate found dead in Adams County hanged himself

8-15-2014 Nebraska:

An inmate found dead in the Adams County jail hanged himself, according to the County Attorney.

County Attorney Donna Fegler Daiss investigated the death of inmate Matthew Arterbrun in her role as county coroner. Arterbrun was found dead in his fail cell this past weekend. He was 39.

Arterburn was being held at the jail in Hastings, awaiting transfer to state prison.

Adams County Sheriff Gregg Magee says the county had been waiting on paperwork to make the transfer. Arterburn had been convicted on child pornography charges. ..Source.. by Brent Martin