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Kevin Scott Foley

October 2013:

Kevin Scott Foley passed from this life on Thursday, October 17th after blessing his family and wide circle of friends with love, unmatched humor and intelligence for 34 years. His free spirit and sense of humor was refreshing to all. He often planned reunions, even as recently as this summer while visiting the family he loved.

Uncle Kevin was the one children ran to because he would make them laugh. He loved music and sports and loyally followed the Houston Oilers, his beloved Baylor Bears, the Rockets and Texans. He found friends with church youth groups and with his work at several TV stations in Texas. He passion for helping people was evident with his work as a counselor. He was pursuing a master's degree in counseling at the time of his death. American Sex Offender: Documentary Trailer

Kevin Scott Foley worked in television as an on-air promotion producer and creative storyteller in visual media for 8 years out of college. He developed extensive skills in story creation and development, storyboarding, shooting, directing, editing, budgeting, scheduling, and overall project and crew management. He has wanted to produce a documentary film since he first picked up a camera, and this is his first film.

Kevin has been required to register as a “sex offender” since 2000 for having two consensual sexual liaisons with a 15-year-old female when he was 19. He successfully completed five years of “sex offender” probation in 2005, and is required to continue to appear on the public registry until 2015.

Through American Sex Offender (Facebook Page), Kevin wants to catalyze change in the system by making the multifaceted truth of this story known. More importantly, he wants to use his own journey from shame and self-doubt to personal power and self-acceptance to inspire anyone with a difficult past to believe in the possibility of change, recovery, and growth.
Synopsis: American Sex Offender is an ambitious, groundbreaking, and unprecedented feature-length documentary film that reveals the untold story of hundreds of thousands of America’s most shunned social outcasts: registered “sex offenders”. By creatively interweaving the human stories of real registrants, expert commentary on America’s unjust and inefficient laws, the filmmaker’s personal story, and shocking cases of punishments that don’t fit the crime; the film challenges the fairness and usefulness of the country’s contemporary sex offender laws and registration systems.

Story: Like lepers of biblical times and 'witches' of 17th century Salem, registered sex offenders are the most despised and shunned social outcasts in America today. The picture that the “sex offender” label paints in the mind of the average citizen, however, is often worlds apart from the reality of what the person has actually done. High-profile child murder tragedies and fear-based media sensationalism have led to undeserved stigma, unfairly cruel punishments, and even reactionary violence against people who never (a) touched or raped anyone, (b) posed any kind of threat to public safety, or (c) fit the typical characterization of a child predator, sociopathic deviant, or violent rapist.

American Sex Offender portrays multiple sides of the controversy through interviews with registered sex offenders and their families, victims of sexual abuse, probation officers, legal experts, politicians, activists, psychologists, human sexuality experts, and more. Proponents of the current system argue that it keeps families and children safe by informing the public about dangerous predators. Opponents argue that it fails to distinguish between those who pose an actual threat to society - and the majority who do not.

An autobiographical element is woven into the story by filmmaker Kevin Scott Foley, who is himself a registered “sex offender”. He presents the objective facts of his case, describes the setbacks the registry has caused in his personal life, and leaves it to the viewer to make their own conclusions about whether his punishment fit his crime.
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Kevin Scott said...

He was my friend as we had a similar name. I miss him, he was a great guy.

Does anyone know how he died at all?

Maggie Doyle said...

He was my friend, too, and I miss him terribly. He died in his sleep - I believe it was a heart attack - probably caused by sleep apnea.

Maggie Doyle said...

He was my friend, too, and I miss him terribly. He died in his sleep, I believe because of a heart attack caused by untreated sleep apnea