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Parolee is Found Dead After Allegedly Leading Police on a Massive Manhunt in Buffalo

7-26-2012 New York:

(Buffalo, NY) A single shot ends a manhunt in Buffalo's east side, after police spent hours searching for 28-year-old Demone Frazier.

Authorities tell Eyewitness News that Frazier managed to get a hold of his parole officer's keys during a routine check at 50 Gatchell Street.

Frazier, a convicted rapist and level three sex offender, allegedly stole the parole officer's vehicle at about 7:45 Thursday morning. It was later found abandoned on Best Street. Frazier fled on foot, with a gun from his home in tote.

Several different agencies, including Buffalo Police, US Marshals and the US Border Patrol, combed the streets looking for Frazier.

With helicopters flying overhead and weapons drawn, neighbors were left stunned.

Mary Ward, who lives on Buffalo's east side, told Eyewitness News the helicopters woke her up. She looked out the door and a police officer approached her, warning to lock her doors. Ward adds "he said we're looking for somebody with a gun. I said well nobody came here."

At about 10:50 in the morning, a gunshot lead police nearly three miles away to 239 Hempstead Avenue.

Buffalo Police Chief Dennis Richards says "there was a shot that was heard by police, by agents and at that point as I said we have to retreat and call for swat in this surrounding, in this surrounding, there's apartments there's people that need to be evacuated."

Prepared for the worst, the SWAT team moved in. Residents were pushed farther away from the home.

In the end, officers found Frazier dead.

No one's more surprised than those who knew him.

TJ, an acquaintance of Frazier's, said "he stuck out to me because he was a real polite sweet boy, and I just thought he was nice."

TJ added she never knew of Frazier's criminal past.

Police say the parole officer had been working with Frazier for some time.

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision are now investigating how this happened. They are also providing counseling to the parole officer. ..Source.. by WKBW News


The Real Story Behind The Suicide Of An Escaped Sex Offender


Buffalo, N.Y. - 2 On Your Side has learned that a local parole officer nearly lost her life on Thursday during an incident with a sex offender that ended wtih the offender's suicide.

The drama began at about 7:45 Thursday morning when Demone Frazier's parole officer went to his home on Gatchell Street on the city's East Side for a routine check on him.

What happened next was anything but routine. A source in law enforcement tells us that once inside the home, the parole officer spotted a gun, that she and Frazier went for it at the same time with Frazier wrestling it away from her.

Frazier, knowing that he had violated his parole by having a gun and that he would be sent back to prison, then pointed the gun at the parole officer, threatening to kill her.

Somehow, our source tells us the parole officer was able to talk Frazier out of shooting her.

Frazier then took the officer's keys and fled in her car.

He eventually made his way to the Kenfield-Langfield projects where his girlfriend lived.

His girlfriend wasn't home, but Frazier was able to get into another nearby apartment.

Members of law enforcement, knowing that Frazier's girlfriend and other friends of his lived there, began searching a number of apartments.

Within a short period of time, the search team unknowingly went in to the unit Frazier was in.

They were on the main floor when suddenly our source tells us, they heard a single shot from the basement.

At this point, the search team didn't know whether Frazier was firing at them from below, whether the gun had accidentally gone off, or whether Frazier had committed suicide.

Members of law enforcement covered the front and back doors of the apartment in case Frazier tried to escape.

They heard nothing from the basement for more than an hour.

It was then that a decision was made to send in the heavily protected members of the SWAT team.

They entered the apartment, looked down into the basement and that's where they saw Demone Frazier dead, laying at the bottom of the stairs. ..Source.. by Scott Brown, Reporter

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