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Clay County suspect believed dead in Oklahoma

8-12-2012 Oklahoma:

A man believed to be Marlin Jay Anderson, the former city manager of Bellevue accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl, was found dead in the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma on Friday.

The man died of an apparent gunshot wound. The death is being investigated as a suicide. The Comanche County, Okla., Sheriff's Office has not released the identity of the man pending pathology results. A vehicle registered to Anderson was found at the scene. According to a source, Anderson's family was notified of the death Friday.

Anderson, 54, was arrested Aug. 3 after a month long investigation into allegations he had molested a young girl on Nov. 14, 2011. He was charged with aggravated sexual assault. Anderson was released Thursday on a $75,000 bond posted by his attorney.

Investigators also believe Anderson sexually assaulted a woman, now 35, from the time she was a young girl until she was 16 years old — a crime for which the statute of limitations has expired, said Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons.

The woman is the mother of the girl.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office opened the investigation on a tip from the owner of a business that provides polygraph services in Dallas.

According to a probable cause affidavit provided by the Sheriff's Office, the business owner said Anderson asked to take a polygraph in reference to a sexual assault.

The man stated that during the interview process of the polygraph, Anderson admitted to having a sexual relationship with the woman over a period of 10 years.

A CCSO investigator called the woman in for an interview. During the interview, the woman said that her daughter had made comments that led her to believe Anderson also had assaulted the girl.

A forensics investigator from the Wichita Falls child advocacy center Patsy's House interviewed the girl.

The probable cause affidavit stated that when asked by the forensics interviewer, the girl indicated that she had been assaulted.

The woman provided investigators with an email sent to her from Anderson in January. The email read, "I do not believe that I am a pedophile and the legal description for pedophile does not fit me. I am a child molester and I don't need a definition to know that."

The email continued, "The second horrible act was possibly worse than the first; I have let you carry the burden of that horrible act for nearly your entire life. Not only did I not claim responsibility for what I did and I also tried to put some of the blame on you." ..Source.. by Matt Kelton

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