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Body of Sex Offender Found in Car Trunk

5-26-2010 Arizona:

Marshals say Trevor Mazak committed suicide

FLAGSTAFF - A convicted sex offender and stalker that was wanted by Chandler Police has been found dead in the trunk of a car.

The U.S. Marshals Office found Trevor Mazak's body in the trunk of a car parked in Flagstaff.

Mazak was wanted for stalking and probation violations. He was supposed to appear in court last September but never showed up.

About two weeks ago, a Flagstaff Police officer noticed a foul smell coming from a car parked at a business near the Flagstaff airport.

Mazak's body was in the trunk and it reportedly had been there for awhile.

Mazak is believed to have committed suicide. Alcohol and prescription drugs had been found in Mazak's system and a bag had been pulled over his head before his death. ..SOurce.. by MyFXO Phoenix

Violent Sex Offender on the Loose in Chandler

9-25-2009 Arizona:

Chandler police are looking for a man with a history of sexual assault and violence, after he failed to turn himself in to police to face harassment charges yesterday.

Trevor Mark Mazak, a 33-year-old registered sex offender, is wanted on charges of aggravated harassment and stalking after a female acquaintance filed a complaint with Chandler police.

Chandler Police spokesman Sergeant Joe Favazzo says police became nervous when Mazak failed to surrender to cops yesterday, as he had indicated he would.

"He has a history of harassing female acquaintances," Favazzo says. "He sent the victim in this case something like 435 text messages in one day, saying things like 'if i see you with another guy, i'll kill you.'"

Mazak, previously convicted of the attempted sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl, has told people he refuses to go back to jail and has threatened to shoot himself, police say.

"He's not playing with a full deck," Favazzo says of Mazak.

Favazzo says police have no idea where Mazak is and have exhausted all of their leads.

Mazak is considered armed and dangerous, and anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is encouraged to call Chandler police Detective Chris Perez at 480-782-4433 or the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130. ..Source.. by James King

Mesa sex offender found dead in Flagstaff car trunk

The body of a Mesa sexual offender missing since August was found in the trunk of a car at the Flagstaff airport, federal authorities said.

Trevor Mazak was wanted by Chandler police after officials said he failed to register as a sexual offender and threatening to harm his ex-girlfriend through text messages and phone conversations, said Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Henman.

Maricopa County probation and federal authorities had been searching for Mazak since August.

"The last communication out was in September," said Deputy US Marshal Eric Anderson. "He sent a suicide-text message saying he was going to kill himself."

Authorities learned in December that Mazak may be in the Flagstaff area. He wasn't found until May 15, when an off-duty Scottsdale detective smelled something foul coming from the trunk of the car. It was parked near the private jet terminal at the airport.

The detective notified Flagstaff police, who arrived and found Mazak in the trunk, Henman said. It's believed the car remained unnoticed because of the heavy snowfall the region received this winter.

As snow plows cleared the parking lot, it pushed more snow against the vehicle and the cold basically prevented the body from decomposing until the snow melted this month.

Anderson said Mazak was found with a bag over his head and wearing shorts and a T-shirt. In addition to suffocating, authorities believe he overdosed on medication.

Maricopa County Superior Court records show that Mazak was sentenced to lifetime probation Oct 14, 2005, after pleading guilty to three class-3-felony counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor and a dangerous crime against children. ..Source.. by Nathan Gonzalez

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