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Assault Victim: Feels Robbed after Inmate Suicide

5-11-2010 Texas:

GALVESTON, Texas - The young woman who was victimized almost two decades ago by a man who kidnapped, raped, attacked and left her to die says she is disappointed that the suspect in the case had apparently killed himself in jail.

Jennifer Schuett, 27, released a statement on her website after the Galveston County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Monday afternoon that the body of Dennis Earl Bradford, 40, was found on Monday morning hanging from a noose made from a bed sheet inside the jail cell where he was assigned.

Bradford was in the Galveston County Jail since October 2009 when he was extradited from Arkansas after DNA evidence determined that he was a suspect in the sexual assault and attack of Jennifer Schuett, who was left to die in a field.

"I am shocked and disappointed at the news of Bradford resorting to suicide, as I looked forward to facing him in the court room this Fall, and now feel as though I was robbed of that opportunity," said Schuett in the online statement.

Despite the developments, Schuett did say in the statement that she felt blessed and grateful that she was able to learn that Bradford was the suspect in her 1990 attack and that he was arrested in 2009.

"I will continue to use my voice and advocate for other victims of crime, and ask for you all to please keep me in your prayers as I work through making it through this difficult time," said Schuett on her website.

The case of Schuett's attack was featured on the FOX television show "America's Most Wanted" in September 2009, one month before the DNA evidence was tied to Bradford.

Before he waived extradition to Texas, Bradford was living in Arkansas where he was married, fathered two children and had 3 stepchildren. His DNA was in the federal database because of a 1996 kidnapping conviction. ..Source.. by ALEXANDER SUPGUL
Web Producer

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