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Zero compassion for child molester

3-19-2009 Canada:

There's zero compassion for a child molester -- even if he commits suicide.

Especially if he hides in the weeds for four decades, leaving the family of his victim to suffer unknown loss and torture all the while.

Does the human heart have no warmth for a sick, vile man?

Barry Vincent Manion, just two days after pleading guilty to murdering 12-year-old Katherine May Wilson, was found dead in his Monteith jail cell Friday.

It's not official how he died. Unnamed media sources reportedly said he was found dead in the morning and there was hanging involved.

Manion, 61, told the court last week he killed the child in 1970 while living in Kirkland Lake. The girl, his second cousin, had threatened to tell her parents about how he had been sexually abusing her for two years.

Manion slipped out of town shortly afterward, taking his wife and kids to southern Ontario.

Like many missing person cases then and now, the trail went cold or the file was lost in a pile of bigger priorities.

The Ontario Provincial Police re-interviewed family members recently, including Wilson's younger sisters.

Manion, who had been convicted of molesting two nieces in the early 1980s and had settled in London, Ont., must have been tired of carrying the guilt and brought OPP officers to the place he remembers leaving the girl's body.

Subsequent efforts to find her remains are expected this spring. ..Source.. by DAVE DALE

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