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MI- Kent County Jail inmate who tried to strangle himself will be taken off life support Saturday, father says

3-28-2009 Michigan:

GRAND RAPIDS -- Konrad Spiegel, the Caledonia Township man hospitalized since he tried to commit suicide in the Kent County Jail last week, will be taken off life support Saturday, his father said Friday night.

Richard Spiegel said a judge, acting on the county's request, granted an order releasing his son from custody and turning him over to his family, who have decided to stop life-saving treatment, Richard Spiegel said.

"There are no indications that he is getting any better or that he will," Richard Spiegel said. "There is nothing anyone can do and it will be up to the Lord to see how long he'll stay alive."

The family plans to donate Spiegel's organs if he passes with an hour of life support being removed. Doctors said the 40-year-old's excellent physical condition make it unclear how long he'll survive, Richard Spiegel said.

Konrad Spiegel was jailed March 13 when he allegedly tried to force a female acquaintance into his car outside a bar. He was accused of having a sawed-off shotgun during the alleged offense.

Authorities said Spiegel fashioned a noose from inmate clothing and connected it to bars in his one-man cell, strangling him on March 18.

He had been screened for suicidal tendencies, but had shown no signs of despondency, police said. ..Source.. by Nate Reens | The Grand Rapids Press

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