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To The Media:

Questions about this blog compilation are frequently raised. The blog is explained below, these are stories written by journalists and in all honesty we have nothing to add. The only credit due, if anyone, is due the journalists that wrote the original stories and they are listed at the end of each story.

We do not do interviews simply because we want no credit, the topic of the compilation is most difficult for anyone to handle. We have a great respect for what the media does and this is a philanthropic work for legislatures and public servants who may be able to save lives.

Thank you, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

With that said:

The Consequences, of sex laws, sex crimes and accusations!
Suicides, Deaths, Murders, and Revenge.

This blog is a legislative and public servant reminder, that something needs to be done; this is not a memorial. The consequences that sometimes occur need to be addressed as strongly as prevention, prosecution and punishment of sex offenses. When lives hang in the balance, ignoring the issues and consequences -even subtly-, is not an answer. Ignorance, of laws and issues, is not permitted for an offender, nor should it be for legislatures or public servants. We are quite sure this is not a complete list, but just those we have been advised of.

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