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Accused child molester found dead in Miami

9-6-2007 Florida
A 40-year-old St. Charles, Minn., man charged last week with criminal sexual conduct with a teenage girl was found dead Monday in Miami.

Police and fire departments responded to a call of a foul odor in a residence at 2820 NW 95th Terrace at about 9 p.m. Inside, they found the partially decomposed body of Kenneth Wayne Colvin, said Roy Rutland, spokesman for the Miami-Dade (Fla.) Police Department.

The cause of Colvin’s death is unknown and an autopsy is being performed, Rutland said.

Winona County Attorney Chuck MacLean said the degree of decomposition of Colvin’s body initially made it difficult to identify him, but as soon as a positive identification was made, the case against him was dropped.

“There’s no one to prosecute,” MacLean said.

Colvin was charged Aug. 30 in Winona County District Court with four felony counts of criminal sexual conduct while in a position of authority and felony domestic assault by strangulation. He faced a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison and/or a $35,000 fine.

In a separate court file, Colvin was also charged with failing to notify authorities of an address change. He had been a registered sex offender since he was convicted of fondling a 9-year-old girl in California in 1995. Colvin failed on multiple occasions to record address changes including at least three times in Minnesota. He faced a minimum sentence of two years in prison for that charge in Winona County.

St. Charles Chief of Police Bill Eckles said his department was going to question Colvin about an incident, but he absconded to Florida, likely to avoid prosecution.

According to the sexual conduct criminal complaint, Colvin choked and sexually assaulted a teenage girl multiple times in June.

On June 23, he choked the girl until she couldn’t breathe and slammed her to the ground in a motel bathroom in Rochester, Minn. the complaint said. He stopped choking her only after the teen started bleeding from the mouth.

In June, Colvin asked the girl six times to perform sexual acts on him, including one instance in which he bribed her, authorities said. Colvin also touched the girl inappropriately over her clothes four times during the month, according to the complaint. ..more.. by Kevin Behr | Winona Daily News

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