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Lawsuit claims Department of Correction let Rikers Island inmate hang himself

2-5-16 New York:

The city Department of Correction let a Rikers Island inmate hang himself by ignoring a request to transfer the troubled man to suicide watch, a new suit alleges.

Fabian Cruz, 35, a convicted sex offender from Staten Island, killed himself in his holding cell New Year’s Day — hours after a psychologist recommended he be put under round-the-clock supervision, the Bronx Supreme Court suit says. Instead, Cruz was allowed to return to his cell — where his body was discovered in a routine check.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for Cruz’s mother and three children. Cruz had been awaiting a five-year sentence after pleading guilty to sexually abusing his girlfriend’s daughter.

The city Law Department said it would review the suit. ..Source.. by Ben Kochman, Reuven Blau

1 comment: said...

You know convicted sex offenders don't run around prisons telling inmates and staff bragging or exposing themselves as sex offenders, child molesters,or rapists etc.
The security guards are the instigators and or cowards that purposely leak the information about inmates being sex offenders. So am I shocked about this story. ...hell no.
These shameless security guards should be held accountable as conspirators to crimes such as murder,aggravated assault SBI,and whatever else related to similar suicides