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Rape suspect kills himself before trial

4-7-15 Louisiana:

A Houma man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his home the night before his aggravated rape trial in Vermilion Parish, Houma Police said Wednesday.

David Dore, 47, was found April 7 with a single gunshot wound in his upper torso after he shot himself at close range, Lt. Dana Coleman said. Police found no evidence of foul play.

"We don't know how long he's been living in Houma, but he's been here for several years," Coleman said.

Police found a shotgun beside Dore's body that was believed to be in his possession before the suicide, Coleman added.

Four years ago, Dore was charged with breaking into an Abbeville woman's apartment and raping her, the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office said. The Acadiana Crime Lab in New Iberia confirmed a DNA match with Dore by using preliminary samples taken from the victim during a 1986 rape kit examination.

Additional crime lab money had enabled old DNA samples to be entered and processed through a more advanced system, officials said.

After Dore was charged with a felony burglary in Houma in March 2011, he had to provide a DNA sample, which was then entered into the same system used by Acadiana Crime Lab.

Dore had been on probation for the burglary charge roughly a month before he was arrested in connection with the rape, Vermilion Parish detectives said.

The victim, who wants to remain anonymous, said she has waited for over 20 years to find a match and has been unable to move on with her life.

When Dore did not show up for his trial, court records show a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Later that morning, Coleman received a call from someone at Dore's house who had found his body.

Vermilion District Attorney Keith Stutes said the man found dead in Houma and the man set for the trial were the same person. ..Source.. by Maki Somosot

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