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Suspect and victim dead following shooting at Canton coin laundry

8-11-2014 Mississippi:

CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Two shooting investigations are underway in Canton. According to the Madison County Coroner, the victims in both instances died and the shootings are connected.

Officials say that 52-year-old Torrez Harris shot his 29-year-old step-daughter Melissa Primer after an argument.

It began just before 10 a.m. Monday at a home on Peace Street. Police say the suspect shot his step daughter several times in a car.

Witness Maggie Anthony said,

"By the time he finished shooting, he came out of the car, like a 2-3 year old child came out the back side on the drivers side," said Maggie Anthony, who witnessed the shooting. "He (Harris) walked around to the other side of the car. He opened the door and got her out and started kicking the victim."

The suspect made his way to the Peace Street Coin Laundry where police say he told patrons to leave. A Canton police officer and a Madison deputy arrived and tried to get him to surrender.

Sheriff Tucker and Chief Brown confirm that Harris was shot and killed by officers at the Peace Street Coin Laundry after refusing to drop his weapon.

"We cornered the suspect here in the coin laundry," said Sheriff Tucker. "The officers tried to reason with the gentleman and he wouldn't put his weapon down. He wouldn't comply with the orders. He in there raised his firearm at the officers and unfortunately the officers discharged their weapons," said Sheriff Tucker.

Harris was listed on the Mississippi Sex Offender's website. He had to register because of sex crimes committed in Michigan in 1999. ..Source.. by Mary Grace Eppes

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