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Man suspected of child abuse, pornography kills himself after standoff

5-3-2014 Oklahoma:

It happened in south Broken Arrow Friday night into Saturday morning

Broken Arrow, Okla. — A man suspected of child pornography and sexual abuse killed himself after a standoff with police in Broken Arrow early Saturday morning.

Maj. Mark Irwin with Broken Arrow police tells KRMG the incident started around 10 p.m., in a neighborhood near West Jasper St. and South Aspen Ave., (!45h E. Ave. and 131st St.).

Detectives served a search warrant for child abuse, child sex abuse, and child pornography on John Murray Jr.'s home after a family member approached them with evidence.

Irwin said detectives served the warrant after hours because of the fear that Murray might destroy evidence.

"The situation developed rapidly," he said.

Irwin said the 60-year-old suspect then took off, but returned to the home a short time later.

He sat in his driveway in a pickup truck, and refused to exit the truck; police saw him put a gun to his head several times.

Irwin told KRMG Murray never pointed the weapon at officers, and was talking to them on the phone, but he refused to cooperate with them.

About 3:35 a.m., our KRMG reporter -- who was the only reporter on the scene at the time -- heard a sharp report, then moments later, saw a bright flash and heard a loud explosion.

Murray had shot and killed himself, almost simultaneously with police deploying a flash bang grenade in an attempt to distract him.

It's believed there might be multiple abuse victims associated with Murray. Police will continue to investigate the case.

Major Irwin told KRMG they had not uncovered any prior criminal record for Murray. ..Source.. by Russell Mills and Michael Purdy

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