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Child pornography investigation continues after suspect shoots self

8-22-2013 Michigan:

WAYLAND, Michigan - A child pornography investigation turned deadly Thursday, after State Police say the suspect turned a gun on himself. Newschannel 3 broke the investigation Thursday night at 5:00. State Police say they found pictures of children on 49-year-old Tom Brown's cellphone, but were just beginning their investigation.

They say they interviewed Brown at the Hastings detatchment on Wednesday, then went to follow up at his home in Nashville Thursday morning. Shortly after they arrived, they heard a gunshot. "There was a vehicle in an attached pole barn and when they got out, they heard a shot in the pole barn," MSP Wayland Post Commander First Lieutenant Tom Draves said of Thursday morning's situation.

State Police say they found Tom Brown with a gunshot wound to the head in the pole barn outside his Nashville home. "The troopers tried to do first aid, they provided it until the ambulance got there, but he succumbed to his injuries," Lt. Draves said. They believe Brown was planning suicide after discovering a hose in the exhaust pipe of the car at the scene. State Police launched the investigation on Monday, and spoke to Brown on Wednesday.

"They did an initial scan of the cellphone and found what appeared to be child pornography," Lt. Draves said. They say it's too soon to tell whether Brown took the photos himself or if he simply downloaded them. Loved ones are shocked at the news, saying Brown, a father of five, was the first to help in a time of need, and describing him as 'funny,' and 'a family man.'

State Police will continue the investigation. They've also taken Brown's laptop to see if there are images there as well. Newschannel 3 ran Brown's criminal history Thursday afternoon. Michigan State Police records did not come up with any matches for anything on him. ..Source.. by

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