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Former NASA Official Found Dead In Thailand With Rope Tied Around Genitals And Neck

5-26-2013 Thailand:

A former senior NASA official was found dead in Thailand earlier this week after having apparently attempted to perform a bizarre and dangerous sex act on himself.

Paul Milford Muller, 76, "was found with a rope tied around his genitals and waist and another rope tied around his neck, hanging from a knob of his bedroom door" inside a house in Tak province, according to Bangkok Post.

A California native and resident of Thailand, Muller appeared to have died from asphyxiation or from a heart attack after a drug overdose. Gawker describes his cause of death as "apparent autoerotic asphyxia." Police reported no signs of foul play.

Methamphetamine pills and paraphernalia as well as "several sex toys" were also found in the room.

Muller's body was found Tuesday, and police suspect he had been dead for about three days. Police were in the process of contacting his family to take charge of his body.

Having graduated from Cal State University, served on the Apollo Navigation Team and worked for 10 years at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Muller had taken to writing during his retirement. His most recent book, Suicide Inc., is described on his website as a "romantic and erotic thriller." Other works include Flight of the Marbles and Circle of Ouroboros. ..Source..

Ex-Nasa American found dead in Tak

5-26-2013 Thailand:

A 76-year-old American man has been found dead inside a house in Tak province, police said on Tuesday.

Paul Milford Muller (Photo from

Paul Milford Muller was a former official at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) and the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the author of three books. ..Source..

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