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Barricaded subject incident ends after police find body

7-5-2013 Idaho:

Police say a barricaded subject incident in central Sioux Falls has ended.

Lt. Galen Smidt said that a man, 42, died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the home at 2304 S. Jefferson Avenue shortly after police arrived to serve an arrest warrant.

Smidt said police arrived to the home at around 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of 31st Street and Jefferson Avenue to serve a warrant.

"There were occupants on the upstairs of the house. They gave indication that the person they were looking for was in the basement," Smidt said.

While police were clearing the rest of the house, they heard a single gunshot. Nobody else was injured, Smidt said.

A bomb squad unit arrived later and deployed a robot inside the home to search for the man. The scene was cleared at about 1:45 p.m. after SWAT members made contact.

Streets in the area were closed during the incident, and people in Laura Wilder Elementary School across the street were told to shelter in place. ..Source.. by Argus Leader staff (Note: This was a person accused of a sex offense, but to know that you have to read the long followup story HERE "... It isn’t hidden. I asked police spokesman Sam Clemens for it yesterday and went through his criminal file today. His name was Craig Austin Callaghan. He was supposed to be sentenced felony sexual contact on June 25, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.* He’d taken a plea deal, and the pleas were “open,” meaning the deal didn’t cap his possible prison time. He clearly didn’t want to go to prison, and not for fear of the unknown. He’d been convicted of three prior felonies: aggravated assault in 1994, possession of a controlled substance in 2002 and distribution of marijuana to a minor in 2008. The warrant for his arrest was issued on the sentencing date. The standoff happened 10 days later. Deputies arrived at 8:30 a.m., and the others in the house directed them to Callaghan, who was in the basement. The deputies ushered the residents out, then heard a gunshot. They left the house and called in S.W.A.T. and negotiators. ...)

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