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Sex offender commits suicide after being sought in Newburgh rape

12-12-2012 New York:

CITY OF NEWBURGH — A sex offender wanted in an attack on his ex-girlfriend apparently killed himself, according to police.

Rosendo Perez-Villalobos, 28, was wanted for strangulation, burglary and first-degree rape as the prime suspect in a Sept. 13 incident. Police said he had slipped into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and choked her unconscious in the shower. Detectives circulated a wanted poster with his information and picture on Sept. 21.

Ten days later, police found a man's lifeless body hanging from a tree in a wooded area off of Anderson Street in the north end of the city. A DNA analysis has now confirmed the dead man was Perez-Villalobos, Detective Joseph Rutigliano said in a statement. Police said he apparently committed suicide. ..Source.. by Doyle Murphy


Sex offender wanted in violent assault confirmed suicide victim

NEWBURGH – Police have confirmed that a man, wanted for a violent burglary in September, killed himself in October.

Rosendo Perez-Villalobos, who was deported from the United States five times was most recently wanted by Newburgh City Police in connection with a September 13 violent burglary, in which he strangled and assaulted his victim and committed burglary.

One week later, police released a wanted posted for Perez-Villalobos on charges of strangulation, burglary and rape.

On October 1, officers found a man hanging from a tree, the victim of an apparent suicide. After receiving DNA confirmation, city police on Tuesday announced the body was that of Perez-Villalobos.

In addition to the Newburgh charges, he had been wanted on an outstanding warrant for sexual misconduct and was a sex offender in New York State.

Newburgh Police were assisted in the investigation by the State Police Violent Felony Warrant Squad and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ..Source.. by Mid Hudson

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