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Man charged with voyeurism kills self, police say

9-5-2012 Ohio:

Police say a central Ohio man has committed suicide after authorities discovered of hundreds of videos of naked woman they say the man filmed from outside their windows.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said about 50 women were targets of 38-year-old John Hayes of Columbus, who faced two counts of voyeurism.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that members of the county Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force were looking for child pornography when they searched Hayes' home and computer last week. Instead, they found hundreds of videos showing women dressing, nude and, in some cases, having sex.

Authorities said each video was categorized on a hard drive by the location where it had been recorded.

Police said Hayes committed suicide at work Wednesday morning by shooting himself in the head. ..Source.. by


Man Accused of Video Voyeurism Commits Suicide

The man accused of videotaping Central Ohio residents naked and having sex in their homes has committed suicide.

According to Columbus police, John W. Hayes, 39, committed suicide at Advanced Swimming Pool Systems at 3128 E. 17th Ave. Wednesday morning.

Franklin County Coroner Dr. Jan Gorniak says Hayes died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Information regarding any connection between Hayes and the business is not known.

Homicide detectives are processing the scene and the sheriff’s office says the investigation will continue because of the child pornography that was discovered by investigators on Hayes’ computers and external hard drives.

NBC4 learned Tuesday that Hayes was arrested Friday on two counts of voyeurism. He posted bond and was released on Saturday.

The charges were filed after the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force executed a child pornography search warrant at Hayes' home at 1523 Lincoln Road in Columbus.

During the search warrant and in the days following, computers and hard drives were previewed.

Investigators said they discovered 15,000 images that show various women, including his wife, in different states of nudity, including women completely nude. Some of the videos show adult men and women engaging in sexual activity, officials said.

The videos appeared to have been recorded through the victims' windows, and without their knowledge.

At this time, investigators believe that there are approximately 50 more victims in the Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington and Columbus area. Investigators are working to identify victims at this time.

Hayes lived on Doten Avenue in Grandview from 2002 to 2010.

In 2010, Hayes moved to Lincoln Avenue in Grandview.

Officials released the following list of locations as areas involved:

Hollywood & 2nd – Grandview Heights
Area surrounding Trinity Church – Grandview Heights
3rd and Grandview – Grandview Heights and/or Columbus
Along Wyandotte Road – Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights
King Avenue – Upper Arlington and Columbus
Along Westwood Avenue – Upper Arlington
Along Northwest Blvd. – Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington or Columbus
Area of Brexton and Northwest - Columbus

A second search warrant was executed Tuesday afternoon at Hayes' home. Investigators found a hidden camera inside the home that had been placed in a bedroom wall, behind a two-way mirror.

Investigators say Hayes had been videotaping his wife without her knowledge.

Investigators also seized a number of other cameras from inside the home that they believe were used to videotape his friends and neighbors.

The sheriff’s office says investigators have received 45 calls since the story first aired on Tuesday. ..Source.. by Denise Yost & Alex Mazer


Ohio child porn suspect commits suicide - arrested for secretly videoing over 50 women

An Ohio man who was being investigated for child porn and had been charged with voyeurism, has killed himself.

Police in Ohio were searching for child porn when they discovered as many as 50 videos of women who were filmed without their knowledge, in the privacy of their own home. The accused, John Hayes, committed suicide on Wednesday.

Authorities report that the 39-year-old father of two died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds at Advanced Swimming Pool Systems having been released on bail, according to reports from local, NBC 4i.

Despite his death, investigators says the investigation into Hayes’ actions will continue due to the child pornography found on his computers and external hard drives.

The authorities in Ohio were searching Hayes’ computer when they made the discovery of thousands of videos and images of naked females on his computer.

Reports from WCMH-TV stated that some of the victims were record engaging in sexual activity through their bedroom windows. The police believe that Hayes had been following some of his victims, learning their patterns, before videoing them.

The man, from Grandview Heights, near Columbus, was charged with two counts of voyeurism on Friday.

This Tuesday a second search warrant was executed. Investigators discovered a hidden camera in his bedroom, behind a two-way mirror. Police said he had been videoing his wife without her knowledge.

Police also found cameras outside the home which they believe were used to film his friends and neighbors.

Neighbors said they found the accusations unsettling.

“I’ll be a little more careful,” resident Meredith Trapp told WBNS.

“You perceive this to be a safe neighborhood, and you tend not to lock your doors. I imagine I’ll be thinking about it now.” ..Source.. by CATHY HAYES,

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