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Man Facing Child Molestation Trial Commits Suicide in Epping

5-8-2012 New Hampshire:

OSSIPEE — A Rochester man facing trial on child molestation charges in Ossipee was found dead of self-inflicted wounds in Epping.

In November, John Skerry Jr., 46, of Rochester, was indicted on six counts of felony extended-term aggravated felonious sexual assault for alleged crimes in Ossipee between July 1, 1999 and July 20, 2002.

Skerry was going to go to trial this week but when he didn't show up, Carroll County Superior Court judge Steven Houran issued a warrant for Skerry's arrest.

Epping police found Skerry's body at a New Hampshire Park and Ride on Route 125 just before 8 a.m. He died of a self-inflicted wound, said Epping police Capt. Jason Newman.

Ossipee police checked last known addresses for Skerry and were in contact with four other law enforcement agencies.

"It was sad it had to turn out this way," said Ossipee police Det. Sgt. Bob King. "The decision was his."

Skerry's first trial ended in a hung jury, said Carroll County Victim Witness Advocate Melissa Smith. Skerry was offered a plea deal of 7 1/2 to 15 years in prison. Without the deal, Skerry could have faced 40 to 80 years behind bars if convicted, said Smith.

"He didn't take it," said Smith of the plea deal.

Before this trial began, Houran decided prosecutors could use information about incidents of molestation that occurred in Massachusetts. Houran didn't let the jury hear about that in the first trial, said Smith. ... ..Source.. by The Conway Daily Sun


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty

Anonymous said...

t makes me sad to read that no sooner is his sister and best friend notified of his death this article comes out. Yes, he was facing accusations. No, he had not been convicted. Yes, he was offered a deal and no, he did not take it. Maybe because he had a small hope for a fair trial. "And justice for all." Including the wrongly accused. No where in the article did I read how John was harassed by his ex wife. Or how he felt so hopeless because he couldn't prove he didn't do it. How do you prove you didn't do some thing that one person has accused you of over a period of several years. That would hard I would think. One person. The same one in 2 states. Again something that was misleading in the article. innocent until proven guilty.....not of you read that article. And bringing up his father was just inexcusable. What does his crimes have to do with John? Reading your article made me furious. John is gone. My husband lost his best friend. Not "a man facing child molestation charges" but a man with friends and family that have the right to grieve in peace.

Anonymous said...

RIP Johnny--no wonder the outcome was this terrible--You all have him convicted before there was even a trail-shame on all of you--maybe if you all didn't judge him there may have been a better end to all this---

Anonymous said...

As glad as I am that the justice system tries to protect women and children, it unfortunately has left room for some to use it to ruin others' lives. The fact that his side was ignored by the courts and the media is a discrace.

Anonymous said...

No where in this article does it say he was convicted. In fact it says his last trial ended in a hung jury. Why would he think he wouldn't get a fair trial? Because information that wasn't allowed in his 1st trial was going to be allowed in this one.
He had a chance to go back to court & let the prosecution try to convince a jury of his guilt.

No mention of how his "harassing" ex-wife has been left to pick up the pieces for THEIR children. I wonder if she would be seen in a better light if she simply brushed off her child. What would we think of a mother who ignores her child when she says she was molested??

Regardless of whether John was innocent or guilty, I would expect to see expressions of sympathy to the children he left behind. After all, the children are always the most innocent and most affected by what their parents do.
It's unfortunate that John did not think it was worth fighting... at least for his children's sake.

Anonymous said...

The cops did not find him, some one else did and called the cops. Nice to see the cops taking credit for something they did not do...

Anonymous said...

I know his son, so sad

Ken Adams said...

That is correct. Thanks for calling out the incompetent cops who couldn't even find a guy sitting dead in his truck for days in a public place.

Anonymous said...

I don't know maybe the fact that he admitted to doing it on tape in a police interview might be a clue he did it, poor guy who took the easy way out after he realized that their were consequences for hurting children

Anonymous said...

Days? No

Anonymous said...

I was at the trial every day and no one else showed up except his sister one day. I heard the testimony first hand. He was not wrongly convicted...he killed himself before the verdict was reached. He admitted the acts to his 'crazy' ex wife...exactly why she divorced him. He then continued to treat the family poorly to get back at her for leaving him.She isn't the only one he admitted it to. Isn't it interesting that the thought of being bullied and raped in jail brings him to end it, rather than endure what he had perpetuated against a little girl her entire childhood. Interesting still was that John's father had once asked the young victim if John had ever done 'things' to her.He admitted his guilt to his then wife,told her that he wished he could go back and never have done it.She was asked by his younger sister what was wrong when they were at the older sisters house in Massachusetts...the sister was told that it was bad and she couldn't tell her right now. The wife also called her then brother in law and told him not to allow his, or any, children to be left alone with John...long before he was arrested.John was a selfish sick individual who had thousands of disturbing images and stories on his computer about little girls, but because they were stories and cartoons they are not illegal. I'm quite sure John didn't fill you in on the whole story. His young son understands it and said to his mother that he understood why John lied,"He told us the truth and lost us." Out of the mouths of babes. His wife loved John and didn't want to believe he was capable of such monstrosities ...sweet,funny,smart,handsome,polite......and a child molester. She prayed for his soul and blessed his dead body...She told him she forgave him for not being what he should of been to those that loved him...the children have been through so much with his selfishness...luckily,they are very strong,smart,loving,and cherished by their mother.