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MIT researcher 'flew to Colorado for sex tryst with a mother and two daughters, ages 12 and 16'

4-2-2012 Colorado:

A researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was busted by undercover cops, after he tried to set up a sexual tryst with a woman and her two daughters – one of whom was 12.

Yaron Segal, 30, set up the sordid meeting with a woman he met in an internet chat room.

What he didn’t realise was that the woman was in fact an undercover agent and that he was being set up in a Department of Homeland Security sting.

Officers arrested the Israeli born physicist after he flew to Colorado from Massachusetts, planning on meeting with the mystery woman and her children.

He was charged with traveling with intent to engage in a sexual act with a person under 12, a count which carries a minimum penalty of 30 years in prison.

Agents first became interested in Segal in early February when he was seen in chat rooms where titles including ‘childslavesex’ and ‘ChildRapeTortureBrutality’ were being used.

DHS agent Vanessa Hipps went undercover, posing as a mother of two girls aged 12 and 16.

Hipps chatted with Segal, who quickly turned the conversation to sex. He told her he wanted to have intercourse with her and both of her children, adding that he would be willing to make the 1,800-mile trip to meet them.
‘I could definitely drop by for a weekend,’ he wrote.

Over the next few weeks Segal messaged Hipps on the chat room, as well as by email, text and Yahoo Chat.

He repeated his desire to have sex with Hipps’ daughters and sent raunchy photos and videos of himself.

‘A majority of the chats were very sexually explicit,’ Hipps said.

In one email sent in February, Segal included a link to a website selling sex toys he wanted to buy for their upcoming lewd encounter. He told her during a phone call that he would take ‘a dildo, small vibrator for the youngest child’.

On March 16 he sent another email with photographs of the vibrators he had bought. ‘Got the toys,' he wrote, 'those are some big c**ks’.

He flew to Colorado, arriving on Wednesday where Hipps met him in the baggage claim area of the Grand Junction airport. He was immediately arrested and taken into police custody.

Segal has worked in the MIT Photovoltaic Research Laboratory since last year after completing his doctorate at Yale University’s applied physics department.

Before making his trip Segal, who introduced himself to Hipps as 'Ron', had created a cover-up story to tell colleagues. 'Yaron’s on vacation,' a co-worker told the Smoking Gun. 'I think he’s camping.' ..Source.. by Laura Cox


MIT Researcher Facing Sex Charges Dies In Colorado Prison

4-16-2012 Colorado:

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher facing federal charges of traveling to Colorado to have sex with children has apparently killed himself in prison, officials said Monday.

Yaron Segal, 30, an Israeli citizen, died Friday, said John Sell, executive assistant with the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood.

Guards found Segal alone, hanging from a homemade noose in his cell at the detention center, where defendants are held while awaiting trial, Sell said. The federal jail is a separate facility next to a minimum -security prison where former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich began serving his 14-year corruption sentence last month.

Segal’s death is being investigated by the FBI. He was being held without bail on two charges of traveling to engage in sex with minors, and a charge of using the mail to persuade, induce, entice and coerce a minor to have sex.

Homeland Security Investigations agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Segal in Grand Junction shortly after he arrived there by plane March 28. Authorities said Segal exchanged sexually explicit emails with an undercover agent and expressed a desire to have sex with two young children, one under the age of 16 and another under the age of 12.

Segal worked as a postdoctoral assistant in MIT’s Photovoltaics Research Laboratory, which develops solar energy cells, according to a letter sent to U.S. District Court. Segal was working on developing manufacturing equipment to produce efficient and cost-effective solar cells and intended to produce the first prototype cells this month, according to a letter signed by MIT’s Tonio Buonassisi, the lab’s principal investigator.

Buonassisi and other MIT officials did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Buonassisi’s letter described Segal as well regarded and said Segal was a leader within the research group who closely mentored five graduate students. Segal had also served as the lead in writing six research proposals that raised more than $1.8 million in research funding for the laboratory.

A man believed to be Segal started communicating with the undercover agent in February in chat rooms that referenced child rape, torture, brutality and children as sex slaves, according to an arrest affidavit. Authorities said the man believed to be Segal sent sexually explicit photographs and video of himself via email, spoke to the undercover agent by phone and said he had purchased sex toys for the children.

According to an arrest affidavit, ICE Department of Homeland Security investigators traced an email handle, “ruthlessmale,” to New Haven, Conn., then to Cambridge, and then to Segal.

During a hearing April 3, Segal waived a preliminary hearing in which authorities present evidence supporting the charges. A U.S. magistrate judge ordered Segal held without bail. ..Source.. by P. Solomon Banda

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