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Man accused of sexually assaulting children found dead

4-18-2011 Nebraska:

The body of a man charged with sexually assaulting children is found dead in an irrigation ditch. And, the death is being called a suicide.

The body of 43-year-old Daniel Fischer was found Sunday by family members.

Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer said Fischer died from self-inflicted wounds.

The sheriff says Fischer's death was mostly likely last Wednesday, the day his wife was arrested.

Fischer was charged with nine counts of sexual assault of a child earlier this month.

He was released on bond.

When officers went to arrest him Wednesday on a separate charge, they couldn't find him.

Five girls, ages 7 to 15, reported being assaulted by Fischer at his home.

His wife, 38-year-old Deanna, has been charged with child abuse.

Authorities said she photographed one of the assaults. ..Source.. by KHAS-TV5


Officials: Death of Sunday School Teacher Charged in Sex Assaults was Suicide

A Hershey man recently charged with sexually assaulting children was found dead on Sunday. Authorities say he committed suicide.

43-year-old Daniel Fischer was charged earlier this month with three counts of sexual assault of children. At that time authorities were still investigating, unsure how many more people might come forward. Fischer was released on bond.

"After our first arrest we, through continued investigation, we found more victims and they gave us more information which led us to getting a warrant issued for [Fischer] and his wife," said Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer.

Kramer says deputies went to Fischer's residence northwest of Hershey on Wednesday, April 13 to serve him with that other warrant. When they couldn't locate him, their initial thought was that he may have fled.

"In the beginning we were involved in the search as we would have any other fugitive that we thought was immediately avoiding arrest," Kramer said.

Fischer's truck was found near a canal on his property, and the Nebraska State Patrol assisted with an air search. When Fischer wasn't found, authorities stopped searching, but Kramer said Fischer's family continued to search for him. They found his body Sunday.

"It wasn't too far from his residence," Kramer said. "We knew from when we were out there before that he had abandoned one of the farm pickups nearby, near the canal, and that was the last anybody had seen or heard from him. That's where he was found was in the canal right near the vehicle."

Kramer wouldn't elaborate on cause of death for sake of the family, only to say that Fischer died of self-inflicted injuries. He said that foul play was not suspected.

"You always have to take that into consideration, that somebody might be very upset," Kramer said. "We didn't have contact with anybody that was that upset that they would have given us any impression that they would be emotionally involved enough to do something that extreme."

Fischer's wife Deanna was arrested on April 13 when deputies went to their residence. She has been charged with felony child abuse. Investigators say she photographed one of the assaults. Kramer said that investigation was completed when she was arrested, and that her court cases are still pending. ..Source.. by Megan Johnson

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