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Assault Suspect Commits Suicide

2-29-2012 Pennsylvania:

An assault investigation in our area has come to an end after the suspect shot and killed himself over the weekend. 68-year-old Richard Lewis was identified as the suspect in an investigation into the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl in Snyder County on Saturday.

The charges included rape, endangering the welfare of children and sexual assault. They were filed on Saturday at a district judge’s office. Troopers then learned that Lewis was at the rest stop in the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 in Liberty Township. By the time they got there, Lewis had already shot himself in the head.

He was still alive and State Police tried to treat him at the scene until the ambulance got there. He was taken to the Geisinger Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Lewis worked for 20 years as an officer with the Danville Police Department and worked as a state Constable at the time of his death.

No other details have been released on the incident that led to the filing of charges against Lewis. The affidavit was to be handled by District Judge Jeffrey Mensch in Mifflinburg, but they hadn’t received it as of this afternoon. ..Source.. by Chris O'Rourke


One to See Change said...

Why is there nothing on the internet about this? I googled the tags listed and nothing. I truly don't understand the complacency with any of this.... If a person truly needed help 'IF' he had committed the crime then obvious he felt there would be a worst fate later on down the road and no one to listen...or maybe he just felt it was a losing game either way.. guilty or innocent. One will never know now...

Anonymous said...

All articles have a "Source Link" which is from the Internet. The Tags are something we assign based on facts in the story, searching for tags will not show anything. Searching for facts of the story will reveal all sorts of things. eAdvocate