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Differential suicide rates in typologies of child sex offenders in a 6-year consecutive cohort of male suicides.


Earlier research identified 3 typologies of Child Sex Offenders [CSO] with high rates of suicide. To test this finding suicide rates of 3 types of CSO were compared in a 6-year cohort of regional suicides. All male suicides were identified from Coroners" inquest files and CSO data drawn from police records to calculate CSO suicide rates. The results show that suicide in "Multi-criminal" CSO is 12 times higher than the general population but not statistically significantly. Two significant results were "Sex Only" CSO suicides were 183 times the general population and 15 times the Multi-criminal CSO rates, with no suicides amongst the Violent CSO's. Implications for suicide prevention and child protection are presented.

For the remainder of this paper: by Pritchard C, King E., School of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK.

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