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Jersey City man facing sex crime charges kills himself after state troopers arrive to arrest him on new charges

10-22-2011 New Jersey:

A Jersey City man facing sex crime charges fatally shot himself in the chest when State

Police troopers came to his home Thursday to arrest him in connection with another sexual assault, officials said Friday.

When state troopers and detectives of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office went to the Gifford Avenue residence of Eric Martin, 29, at 7 p.m. they were met by a woman who refused to let them in, reports said.

As the officers spoke to the woman, they heard a gunshot and entered the home to find Martin unresponsive on a bed with a gunshot wound to his chest, State Police Lt. Stephen Jones said. Martin was alone and there was no evidence anyone else had been in the room, said Jones.

On Thursday, Martin was to be arrested on a warrant out of Somerset County charging him with attempted kidnapping, impersonating a police officer and sexual assault, Jones said, adding that bail had already been set at $250,000.

Martin’s codefendant in the case is Shamir Modestin, 43, of Brooklyn, Jones said, adding that Modestin was already in jail when charged in connection with the investigation that began in April.

Last month, Modestin and Martin were charged with the Aug. 16 abduction and rape of a prostitute in Jersey City. The men allegedly flashed their lights and pulled the 29-year-old woman over, police said. They forced her into a car and drove her to North Bergen, where they raped her, officials said. ..Source.. by Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal

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