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Untimely Death of Sex Offender Likely Overdose

3-25-2011 Connecticut:

Police Say 31-Year-Old Man on Hoyden's Hill Died Thursday Morning

The untimely death Thursday morning of a sex offender who lived in Fairfield was likely due to an overdose, according to police.

James Pinson died on his 31st birthday after police responded to a medical call at the Hoyden's Hill Road house where he lived with his stepfather and mother, police said. He had been depressed on and off for about five years and had been drinking and taking sleeping aids, police said.

Pinson, who was convicted in 2001 of risk of injury to or impairing the morals of children, was found on a couch in the home and suffered cardiac arrest about 6:10 a.m. as officers arrived, police said. He was taken by AMR Ambulance Co. to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport and was pronounced dead, police said. The conviction stemmed from a 1999 case in Fairfield, details of which were not immediately available.

The State of Connecticut's Sex Offender Registry says Pinson was convicted March 12, 2001 and was released from custody on July 27, 2001. He was six feet, four inches tall and weighed 375 pounds, according to the registry. ..Source.. by Andrew Brophy

Apparently, readers of the article who knew this man were upset
at this report of his death, a few of their comments follow:

this article is extremely offensive and disrespectful. this man's legacy shouldn't be framed in such a bias and unfair way. you should be ashamed of yourself for even posting a death notice as insensitive and inhumane as this. one incident from 12 years ago should not be the sole information that we receive about this person's life. learn how to do your job and maybe you won't be writing for the fairfield patch.

It is funny how he owned one of fairfield's best Breakfast/Lunch restaurants, but not once is that mentioned. Andrew no respect was given due to your poor reporting. His offense was 10 years ago. Could had been more respectful.

In CT if someone is under 16 they are considered a child. Jim was 19 at the time of the incident thus "impairing the morals" although the girl was at the house on her own free will. What Andrew Brophy fails to mention is that Jim was kind, generous to a fault and very bright. That entire incident ruined his life. I would like Mr. Brophy to do a little investigative reporting and find out what the "payout" was to the "child's" family. You don't have to give her name...just the $$$$. To write about Jim's accidental death in such a manner is shameful.

Andy- I appreciate all the really good reporting you have done over the years, but you missed the boat on this article and you are better than this. Please don't just grab headlines by focusing on something that happened when someone was 20 years old. In fact, Jim was a productive member of society: he was a responsible small business owner who was married and provided tax revenue and jobs to our local community. He just catered the Fairfield Garden Expo this past weekend and has over the years provided superb food to local non profits, free of charge. I knew him personally as a kind and generous individual. At a time when his family is facing a horrible loss, lets not pile on with unecessarily negative reporting. My thoughts and prayers go out to his grieving family.

Andrew Brophy you are an animal. This article says nothing about the real Jim. To even headline this disgraceful article with such a title is the most disrespectful thing anyone could do. You should be ashamed of yourself and this newspaper should be ashamed to have printed such a disgusting article.

Jim was an amazing guy with a funny and warm heart. Jim was the most sarcastic and funny character around, and considered everyone that went into Lucy's his friend. Theres was no way you could leave his place with out a laugh. Its a shame the way he is profiled in this article and ridiculous that this is the way he was portrayed. He was a great guy who made a mistake at a young age and should in no way be remembered so negatively. Rest in peace Jimbo, you will be greatly missed, and positively remembered by those who knew you!!

Checked if there was a journalists code of ethics. There is: Seems Andrew Brophy needs to review them.

There are quite a few comments here and I can't respond to all of them, but I would say that if a Fairfield man convicted of robbing a bank had died at an untimely age, the headline would have identified that he was a convicted bank robber.As for journalistic ethics, a journalist who has far more years of experience than I do headlined his newspaper's article: "Fairfield sex offender's untimely death may be drug related" and contained the same information as this article.This was a news article - not an obituary or death notice that provides a comprehensive overview of someone's life. If I receive an obituary from the funeral home, I would be happy to publish it. In the meantime, the comments above are accomplishing what you feel is lacking in the news story.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.
Andrew Brophy

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