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Cop-shooter's status as registered sex offender may have triggered his rage

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It is important to note that, the situation that sparked the deaths occurred WEEKS BEFORE the actual shooting. Nettles' girlfriend's parents did not want him dating their daughter, and Nettles threatened them, that resulted in a criminal charge which he was about to go to court for. The heart of the matter was his status as a registered sex offender.

As the court date drew near he snapped, went to his girlfriend's place, and some assault took place which caused her to summon police. Apparently Nettles, 38, was intent on killing his girlfriend and her daughter, and the policewoman stepped in-between him and the young girl and nettles shot her then his girlfriend and her new boyfriend.
12-30-2010 Texas:

Arlington, Texas — Weeks before Barnes Samuel Nettles killed his ex-girlfriend, Kimberley Carter, Arlington Police Officer Jillian Michelle Smith, and took his own life, police were called to his girlfriend's apartment.

Nettles is a registered sex offender. His ex-girlfriend's parents did not want him dating her. Court recorders show Nettles was so angry about her parents disapproval that in September he ran up stairs to her third-floor apartment to confront her family. Court records show he attempted to choke her mother, "throw her over the railing of the stairs", and "threatened to kill and her husband."

A court date for that incident was drawing closer when on Tuesday night he picked up a gun and killed his ex-girlfriend and the officer.

About 7:30 Tuesday night Officer Jillian Smith went alone to take a domestic violence report. When she got to the third-floor apartment, she found Nettles' girlfriend and her 11 year old daughter. Moments later Police say Nettles came back waving his gun and took aim at the 11-year-old.

"And in doing so the officer moved toward the 11-year-old to protect her," Arlington Police spokesperson Tiara Ellis Richard said. Officer Smith died at the scene. The 11-year-old ran outside, and then police say Nettles killed his girlfriend and shot himself in the head.

To review court records related to this case, click on the photo gallery on the left hand side of your screen. ..Source.. by KDAF-TV

Officer killed while trying to protect child, police say

12-29-2010 Texas:

ARLINGTON, Texas A rookie police officer was fatally shot as she apparently tried to protect an 11-year-old from an armed man who burst into an apartment as the officer was taking a domestic assault report, police officials said Wednesday.

Jillian Michelle Smith, 24, was killed Tuesday night within 20 minutes of responding to a lower priority call from a woman who wanted to report the assault, officials said.

The assault suspect had left the apartment but returned while Smith was inside taking the report, Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard said at a news conference Wednesday.

Also killed were Kimberly Deshay Carter, 29, and her ex-boyfriend, Barnes Samuel Nettles, 38.

After shooting Smith, Nettles apparently went into a back bedroom and shot Carter, Richard said.

He then returned to the living room and shot himself, Richard said. In the meantime, the child, identified as Carter's daughter, fled.

Richard said the description of what likely happened inside the apartment was based on a preliminary investigation and that the order of events would be pinned down more specifically after reports by the medical examiner, ballistics and other information.

In Mobile, Ala., Nettles' relatives called the shooting a selfish act and said they didn't realize that Nettles and Carter were still in contact.

"We are at a loss right now. We're just sorry for the relatives of both victims. It was selfish," said Nettles' cousin Andrew Johnson.

In September, Nettles was arrested in Arlington and charged with assaulting Carter's mother and sister, Richard said. Court documents show that he was free on $5,000 bond.

He was a registered sex offender in Arlington for an offense that occurred in Washington state, Richard said.

"Last we heard, they weren't together anymore," Johnson said. "We didn't know they had problems."

Smith joined the department in February and graduated from the Arlington Police Academy in August. She completed her field training Dec. 13, said Richard, the police spokeswoman.

Officials said it is not unusual for a lone officer to respond to a Priority 3 call.

The incident began when Smith responded to a call about a domestic assault at the Arbrook Park apartment complex, Richard said.

Within 20 minutes, police received a 911 call about a shooting.

"When they responded, they discovered there were three deceased inside the apartment," Richard said. "One of these was the officer who had responded earlier."

Officers could be seen searching people and cars as they left the complex in the pouring rain late Tuesday.

Nettles recently moved from Washington state to Arlington for work, his cousin Kim Nettles said. His four sons from a previous marriage were staying with their grandmother in Washington during the school holiday, Kim Nettles said.

"It is so shocking to us. Everything seemed OK. You never know what is going on inside, though," she said.

On Wednesday morning, two neighbors at the apartment complex said that they were stunned not only by the violence, but by the fact that they never heard gunshots.

Jacob Peters, who lives on the second floor of the unit, said he was listening to music Tuesday night when he heard voices arguing.

"It sounded like a man and a woman's voice," Peters said. "Then I heard footsteps like kids playing and running up and down the stairs. I almost opened my door and told them to cool it."

About an hour later, police knocked on his door and asked if he heard any gunshots, he said.

"They said an officer was shot and killed," he said. "I couldn't believe it."

According to court documents, local defense attorney Abe Factor was appointed to represent Nettles in September after he indicated he could not afford a lawyer.

Nettles stated in court documents that he was an unemployed sheet metal worker, who was supporting himself and three sons, ages 18, 14 and 11.

He listed his gross monthly income as $1,340 from "odd jobs" and stated that he also received food stamps and Medicaid and had filed for (child) support. ..Source.. by SUSAN SCHROCK - McClatchy Newspapers

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