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Convicted child molester hangs himself in ACI cell

Note comments by lawyer, posted to this suicide.
9-28-2010 Rhode Island:

CRANSTON — A 52-year-old convicted child molester hanged himself Friday in his cell in the Adult Correctional Institutions’ intake center, a department spokeswoman said Monday.

The man was not identified because the case is still under investigation by state police, Corrections Department spokeswoman Tracey E. Zeckhausen said. State police could not be reached Monday afternoon for comment on the status of their investigation.

The man was initially classified as a suicide risk after he was brought to the intake center on Sept. 16, Zeckhausen said. That classification was lifted after Corrections Department psychiatrists examined him and said they felt he was no longer a threat to himself, she said. The most recent visit with him had been Friday morning, the day he died.

The man was found hanged by a bed sheet in his single-occupant cell at around 2:30 p.m., Zeckhausen said.

He had been convicted of first-degree child molestation and had been in the prison part of the ACI from May 2002, until May 2009, when he was released on probation. He was scheduled to be on probation until 2027, Zeckhausen said.

On Sept. 16, the man was charged with violating the terms of his probation and was being held at the Anthony P. Travisono Intake Service Center while his case worked its way through the courts.

The intake center, which can hold about 1,100 inmates, is where people charged, but not convicted of crimes, are held. If they are found guilty and sentenced, they are then transferred to one of the seven prison units that make up the ACI.

Information was not available Monday on how many suicides the ACI has annually, but according to the agency’s annual reports, it averaged seven inmate deaths a year since 2006. The reports did not break down how many of those were suicides and how many were from other causes. ..Source.. by John Hill

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Anonymous said...

I was this man's attorney, and his "conviction" for child molestation was when he was 14 years old, as a Juvenile. He was not convicted, he was adjudicated as a juvenile. And he never committed another sexual offenese again, nor was he ever suspected of committing another sexual offense. Yet when he was 25 years old his picture was put in the newspaper as being a child molester who had failed to register, and he was picked up on a warrant for failure to register. The article in the paper didn't include the fact that this was a juvenile adjudication from a decade ago...instead they had a picture of him at 25 years old with a full beard, and described him as a child molester. He was distraught over what was being reported to the public, and soon after he was picked up for failing to register, he hung himself in his cell. That's what happened in this case.