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Man caught having sex with chicken commits suicide

6-14-2010 Zimunya:

A 73-year-old man from Mafuke Village in Zimunya last week committed suicide out of shame after he was caught by his wife in an act of bestiality with a chicken in their kitchen hut.

Petro Maradze (73) of Mafuke Village in Zimunya could not stand the shame when his wife, Mrs Grace Maradze (61), caught him in the middle of fulfiling his sexual desire with a chicken.

Assistant Inspector Jethry Mudzembi confirmed the incident that has shocked the late Maradze’s relatives and neighbours.

“Petro Maradze of Chief Zimunya’s Mafuke Village decided to take his own life after the shame of being caught in the act of bestiality with a chicken by his wife,” said Asst Insp Mudzembi.

Police said that Petro was alone at his homestead in Mafuke village when he decided to give his sexual desires a different treat.

However, the treat did not last as his wife came into the kitchen, literary catching him with his pants down while the bird was stuck on his groin.

“His wife stormed into the kitchen during his intimacy with the chicken.

“He failed to give a satisfactory explanation as he was caught in the act,” said Asst Insp. Mudzembi.

After recovering from the shocking incident, Mrs Maradze chastised the hapless elderly man.

The old man is said to have quietly slipped out of the kitchen, only to be found dead two days later.

“He disappeared as his wife was hurling abuse at him and never came back alive.

“Relatives and neighbours tried to search for him but in vain,” said Asst Insp Mudzembi.

Police said Petro’s body was found hanging from a tree about 100 metres away from his homestead by one Lancelot ( aged 31).

The matter was reported to the police. ..Source.. by Susan Stima

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