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Man commits suicide after impregnating sister

12-19-2009 Zimbabwe

In bizarre incident that has stunned villagers in Zimbabwe's Manicaland province, a man has committed suicide allegedly after impregnating his own sister, The Zim Diaspora can sensationally reveal.

The deceased Farai Mavaraidze (34), of village 8 in Bumba area of Mutambara chief took his own life after learning that his elder sister Chipo Mavaraidze (36) whom he had been engaging in incestual sex was pregnant.

He then committed suicide by drinking rat poison on December 14, police confirmed.

Familiy sources said Farai took his life after his sister insisted that she was not going to abort the pregnancy. An argument ensued with Farai pleading with his pregnant sister to abort to avert community sham and cultural crisis. The sister could not have none of it. it was at this stage that Farai threatened to take his life but Chipo did not take him serious.

According to the statements made by Chipo to Chimanimani District Police Headquarters, their incestuous relationship hadbeen going on for the past two years. She admitted that they had fallen deeply in love like any other normal couple.

The two were staying together as a married couple. Their parents are deceased.

Acting Manicaland Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Jephrey Mudzemba told the The Zim Diaspora that the deceased's sister Chipo was now in custody assisting police with investigations in a case of incest.

“We are investigating a case of incest in which one of the co accused is deceased after committing while the other partner is assisting police with investigations. We would like to take this opportunity to warn members of the public to desist from engaging in incestuous relationship as they are both illegal and evil,” he said.

A close neighbout Mr Tamuka Kumbula (77) said he had always been suspiscious of the couple's way of life and confirmed that twice he asked them if they were living a sinful life.

“I started to be suspicious when I visited them early in the morning at some day to find Chipo almost naked in his brother’s bedroom. After that I asked Farai if there was anything going on but he denied. The second incident was when my wife met Chipo at the river washing Farai clothes and underwear; again she also denied any incest. Now its open. I am vindicated” said the visibly shaken tailor.

Several villagers who spoke to The ZimDiaspora expressed shock and disgust at the incident.

“ I am really out of words, while on the other hand I am sorry that Farai took his life but I am also relieved that he did, otherwise we could have been cursed. We would have had endless droughts and incurable sicknesses” said Shaina Mangena (80) who is a traditional healer.

According to Zimbabwe laws incest an offence punishable offence with a custodial sentence. If convicted of incest Chipo faces up to two years of imprisonment. ..Source.. by Zim Diaspora reporter

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