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FL- Suspect accused of sex crimes found dead on Monday

8-11-2009 Florida:

A Homosassa man accused of sex crimes involving an 8-year-old Hernando County girl was found dead shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday in an apparent suicide.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office confirmed today that the body of Robert Siebe, 64, of 6989 W. Crossbeck Court, was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area of Homosassa across from the Green Acres subdivision.

Family members reported that Siebe had been depressed since he was charged in the case, and had bonded out of the Citrus County jail, CCSO spokesperson Gail Tierney said. Siebe was charged on Friday in connection with the case, and bond had been set at $39,000.

Citrus Daily had received an e-mail earlier today blaming the media and publicity as contributing to Siebe's death.

The e-mail reads, verbatim:

"CONGRATULATIONS!! You post in Sunday's paper of the Homosassa man and sex crimes on an 8 year old has found him guilty and convicted before he even had a trial. MOREOVER, it has caused him to take his own life because he was INNOCENT!! This truly takes the cake!! Bad publicity, Bad press, that caused GRIEF for everone conserned!!"

It is believed the e-mail was sent by someone at least acquainted with the family. The name of the e-mailer is being withheld by Citrus Daily. ..Source.. by Robby Douglas


Homosassa man charged with sex crimes involving girl, 8

8-8-2009 Florida:

A 64-year-old Homosassa man has been charged with sex crimes involving an 8-year-old Spring Hill girl.

Arrested on Friday was Robert Siebe, of 6989 W. Crossbeck Court.

The Ciitrus County Sheriff’s Office became involved the case on Monday, after charges had been levied that Siebe had provided harmful and obscene material to a minor, exposed his private parts, encouraged the minor to touch those parts and fondled the minor over her clothing.

During her interview, the young girl described traveling from her home in Hernando County to the Siebe’s Homosassa home. The girl told an investigator about an incident in June shortly after she and her sister had gotten out of the family swimming pool at his home. She said Siebe had taken photos of the children in the pool and she wanted to look at them. When she asked him to show her the pictures he had just taken, he clicked on some different photos, pornographic in nature, on his laptop computer.

Recalling another incident at Siebe’s home, the girl said she was on a computer when Siebe came in and took over the computer controls, going to a YouTube photo that showed an adult male, naked from the waist down.

The girl said the computer showing the pornographic photo of a nude woman was in the living room, and that the photo showing the naked male was in Siebe’s bedroom. Both computers were laptops. She told the investigator she is allowed to use the computer in Siebe’s room as well as one additional desktop computer, located in one of the spare bedrooms.

Describing a third incident, the girl said she was on Siebe’s laptop in his bedroom, when Siebe came into the room and fondled her over her clothing.

The final incident occurred was while she was in her room and playing her video game, the girl said. She said that Siebe had walked in the room in his underwear and a t-shirt. She said Siebe told her to look over at him. When she did, she saw his private parts partially exposed, and that Siebe encouraged her to touch those parts. But, she said, she slapped his hand and tried to leave. She also told the investigator that Siebe's hand held the bedroom door shut while he was rubbing himself on her back. She said that when she reminded him that her sister would be back soon, she was able to get out of the room.

The girl said did not tell anyone about what had occurred during her weeklong stay at the Siebe's home. She said and her sister traveled out of state to visit relatives, coming back to Florida on Aug. 2. Recently, during a conversation with an adult about secrets, the girl said told what had happened to her.

Her 11-year- sister was also interviewed, and told the investigator Siebe had taken several photos of her clothed sister using a backdrop like one would see at a studio. She said she was also present when her younger sister talked about the alleged incidents, and said that the conversation took quite a while, as the victim kept crying and had to stop quite a few times.

Siebe was interviewed on Friday about the allegations. After being read his rights, Siebe denied all of the allegations. He did confirm there were three household computers, one of which is his laptop to which no one but him has the password. He said he was always present when the minor children were using his computer, and that many computer files containing adult pornography were on his computer, but he denied the existence of child pornography.

As a result of the search warrant, the defendant's computer and other computers were seized, as well as additional media storage devices. Siebe was arrested and taken to the county jail, where he was booked on charges of lewd/lascivious molestation of a person under 12, lewd and lascivious exhibition and showing obscene material to a minor.

Bond was set at $39,000. ..Source.. by Robby Douglas

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