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CA- Man Sought as Child Molester

2-7-1953 California:

A man identified as Robert Franklin Rice, 35, wanted by Redondo Beach police for questioning in connection with asserted improper advances made towards a 3-year-old girl Friday night, was found dead in his automobile in Santa Monica early yesterday.

Investigating officers said, ..... died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A hose was found running from the exhaust pipe into the car.

Officers found an unsigned note on the seat which read "To all sex offenders. The world would be better off if we all jumped off a cliff. God forgive me and take care of my wi9fe Lord knows she has suffered enough"

Police said they had been looking for Rice since the parents of a 3-year-old girl complained that he enticed the child into his home Friday night.

Source: Newspaper clipping, Los Angeles Times dated 2-7-1953.

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