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CO- Man Wanted For Alleged Sex Assault Reportedly Jumps Off Royal Gorge Bridge

6-3-2009 Colorado:

The Canon City Police Department says they are searching for the body of a man wanted for sexual assault on a child, who reportedly jumped off the Royal Gorge Bridge last Friday.

Canon City police say on May 29 at 5 p.m., two visitors to the Royal Gorge Bridge told a security officer that they thought they saw a person parachute from the bridge.

Royal Gorge Security contacted area law enforcement and deputies from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Canon City Police Department responded to the bridge.

Investigators say they did find a site of possible impact on the rocks below the bridge. Search and Rescue searched for the body until the search was called off due to darkness.

The man's car was found in the parking lot with various forms of identification and an apparent suicide note. The registered owner of the vehicle had an address in Jefferson County, Colorado.

During the search of the man's house on June 1, investigators found a more detailed suicide note along with a last will and testament of 60-year-old Gregory Martin Harris.

Harris was facing charges of Sexual Assault on a Child – Victim Less Than 15 in Jefferson County.

A more detailed search of the Arkansas River will be done Thursday, June 4 by Fremont County Search and Rescue and rangers from the Upper Arkansas Valley Headwaters. ..Source.. by KKTV


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace!! We know you were wrongfully accused!! Hope the police are happy now that they have your blood on their hands!!!

Hawaii Family said...

My Brother was indeed wrongly accused and the Lakewood Police Department will pay dearly for the mishandling of this case. He was a kind man who would never hurt anyone - he was railroaded and set up. The Detective harrassed, probed and treated him without dignity for an something he did not do. This detective only wanted to place another check mark by her name to fame. She and her fellow detectives pressured him to a degree that he felt there was no way out. They are guilty!! God is on our side and this is not over in any way! I thought this is America - innocent until proven guilty. The department was on a witch hunt! This is such a painful time for my family and it could have been avoided!