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Dead man was convicted sex offender

5-7-2009 Isle of Man:

A MAN found dead in Douglas on Tuesday was a convicted sex offender.

The body of Bernard Alan Jenkinson was discovered in a flat at 13 Belmont Terrace, at 9am.

In 2007, he was jailed for two and a half years for subjecting a 16-year-old girl to a terrifying indecent assault in May that year. ..Source.. by


Sex offender died from self-inflicted stab wounds

7-28-2009 Isle of Man:

A CONVICTED sex offender died from multiple self-inflicted stab wounds, an inquest heard.

Bernard Alan Jenkinson was found dead at his home in Belmont Terrace, Douglas, by police on May 5.

Mr Jenkinson had suffered various injuries but the cause of death at that time was unknown.

His body was identified by Detective Sergeant Cathryn Bradley.

She knew him through her work as a police officer and had cautioned him for a breach of notification requirements under the Sex Offenders' Act.

An inquest into his death heard Mr Jenkinson had a history of falling and fitting and was known to have overdosed and self harmed. It was noted at that time there was a risk of accidental death if he self harmed while drunk.

In 2007 Mr Jenkinson was convicted of indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl and sentenced to two-and-a-half years' custody.

He was released on March 13 but failed to keep an appointment with probation on April 30. Probation officer John Robertson called round to his flat but got no response. He tried again the next day and left a letter. When he still hadn't heard from Mr Jenkinson on May 2, Mr Robertson alerted police.

Mr Jenkinson had arranged to see a friend at the end of April but failed to attend and didn't contact her, the inquest heard. When police called to the flat on May 5 the door was locked and the keys were inside.

The unemployed 48-year-old was dead on the bed. He had sustained several injuries, there were blood stains in the flat and a knife on the bed.

The incident may have taken place over an extended period of time, but there was no sign of a disturbance.

Three penetrating wounds to the neck which caused damage to his trachea and bleeding into the airways were the central factor in Mr Jenkinson's death. He also had two stab wounds to the abdomen and cuts on his left wrist.

Bruising to the frontal scalp, abrasions to the nose, a split lip, a neck and rib injury were consistent with a fall.

He had been dead for a number of days but there was no evidence to suggest the involvement of any third party.

There was no toxicology evidence that alcohol or drugs were involved.

Coroner Michael Moyle said: 'I am sure that the Isle of Man Constabulary would have carried out a full and proper investigation into this matter.'

He described the scene as 'a somewhat unusual sight'.

Foul play was initially suspected but in light of the post-mortem evidence, the fact that the flat was secure and evidence of previous self harm indicated Mr Jenkinson was the 'author of his own misfortune'.

But Mr Moyle said that despite the number and nature of the wounds he wasn't convinced Mr Jenkinson intended to take his own life.

He said; 'In the circumstances, while I am satisfied Mr Jenkinson did cause the injuries, a more appropriate verdict is an open verdict.' ..Source..

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so they report when a RSO gets out of prison, goes to prison, moves, gets a job, dies, etc.

So what is next? When they are born, fart, go to the shopping mall, etc?

This reporter apparently had nothing better to do, so he thought it would be nice to talk about a dead sex offender.

What ever happened to REAL journalism? I think it died about 20 or so years ago.