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AL- Sex Crimes And Suicide

The reporter defines recidivism which is by no means confined to sex crimes, but with sex crimes it is lower than all other crimes except murder.

4-3-2009 Alabama:

A West Mobile man wanted for sex crimes with minors kills himself moments before Mobile Police arrest him.

Donald Clark Brooks, 50, is accused of luring at least three teens into his house on Wakulla drive. Police tell us that Brooks used alcohol and even offered side jobs to get the boys into his home. Once there, a victim's mother tells us that he would threaten the teens with guns and force them to have sex. The mother also told us that Brooks installed cameras outside his house to keep an eye on the boys while they were on his property.

Police had 11 warrants for Brooks ranging from sex abuse to sodomy. They were headed to arrest him on Wednesday morning but never got their guy. As police pulled into his driveway, Brooks shot himself in the head. He later died at the hospital.

Two of his victims were 15. The youngest boy was only 13.

Mobile Police tell us that Brooks served time for sex crimes in the late 1980's but that was before the Community Notification Act. In other words, Brooks didn't have to register as a sex offender. ..Source.. by Tiffany Craig Investigative Reporter

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