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6-18-2005 United Kingdom:

A SENIOR teacher flung himself to his death after a girl pupil accused him of sex offences Head of English Dr Michael Kellaway, 60, had been sent home from work less than 48 hours before his body was found. And his wife only learned he was being investigated by police and school authorities after she was told of his death. The allegations were made by a fifth-year pupil.

Dr Kellaway,who had taught at Perth Academy for 24 years, had driven his Jaguar to the entrance of the Forth Road Bridge in Fife and thrown himself to his death. [snip] Audrey, head of a private girls school, said: 'We only found out about the investigation after my husband was found on Saturday morning. 'Michael said nothing and as far as we were concerned everything was normal.

'We have since been told the inquiry had been completed and the case had been closed.' : by James Moncur ..more..

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