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CA- Body found in Pinnacle Rock area

5-14-2005 California:

CLEARLAKE The Lake County Sheriff's Office has tentatively identified a body found in the Pinnacle Rock area of the Mendocino National Forest as that of Michael Willis, 44, sought by Clearlake Police on a warrant for child molestation. A post-mortem examination of the body has led the sheriff's office to believe that the subject died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The body was found 100 yards north of a rural roadway in the Pinnacle Rock area after deputies secured the area and found evidence, which along with the body, was transported to the mortuary for the post-mortem.

The deputies began investigating the scene because of a report of a suspicious vehicle by U.S. Fire Service ranger Matt Knudson. The vehicle was positively identified as belonging to Willis by the Lake County Sheriff's Department Central Dispatch.

Conclusive identification that the body was Willis' could not be made because of the estimated time lapse between the death and discovery of the body on May 3. In the approximate 30 days before the body was discovered, advanced decomposition had set in and there was apparent animal activity. : by Record-Bee ..more..

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