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VA- Suicide of local airman may stem from tragic discovery

6-30-2006 Virginia:

A local airman who committed suicide carried a dark secret to his death.

That Air Force sargent was also accused of knowingly exposing a teenager to H.I.V. And he ended his own life before the case could go to court. His body was found Tuesday morning at the Grandview Nature Reserve in the Fox Hill area of Hampton at the end of Beach Road.

According to court records, last year a 15-year-old boy came forward saying for months he was being paid for sex by a man named Brett who he had met over the Internet. The investigation let to Brett Byerly, who confessed to the crime, but not that he was H.I.V. positive.

In this home, police say Brett Byerly paid the 15-year-old boy $100 each time they had sex. Police say it went on from April to July of 2005, around the time he posted this message to his parents: "Get the pork chops ready, I'm coming home".

What was happening in his house was eventually reported by the teen because, according to a search warrant, the teen found out that the man was H.I.V. positive and hadn't told him. His condition was uncovered during a routine military check-up.

They are generally returned to duty unless their illness at some point interferes with their work.

Officials say he was allowed to keep working while the case proceeded against him. He was facing charges in an Air Force crume Monday. He talked to a psychoanalyst and friends, and he was not considered a threat to himself and others. But Tuesday he sent a text message to a friend from the park saying he was going to kill himself. He was found moments later shot to death.

Typical of procedure in situations like this, the charges will be dismissed since the accused is no longer living.

Air Force officials say the teen has not tested positive for H.I.V. Military members are tested regularly for the virus that cases aids. Those who test positive cannot deploy but can stay in the service until the disease develops into AIDS. ..more.. by WAVY TV 10

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Anonymous said...

There is no other information that I can find on this person. I know a person who is a former "Partner" of Brett Byerly. I suspect that this person is also HIV+ and has a great interest in young men. I'm not sure that there is anything I can do to help this situation. I am trying to get the person to go into therapy. He has a wild sexual life of unprotected sex and anonymous partners. I am in shock.