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NY- State trooper commits suicide

4-1-2008 New York:

COLONIE, N.Y. - A state police lieutenant took his own life yesterday after he was notified he would face discipline for having sex with a woman recruit at the State Police Academy, law enforcement officials told the Daily News.

Joseph Banish, 35, was still in his gray uniform when he killed himself just after 3p.m. at his home with his state police-issued pistol, officials said.

Sources said Banish's body was apparently discovered by the woman with whom he had consensual sex at the academy.

The woman was a prospective state police recruit when she and Banish went to a room where he was staying at the academy, sources said. A female trooper who had been in an adjoining room at the time of the sexual encounter initiated the complaint against Vanish, sources said.

Lt. Glenn Miner, the state police spokesman, declined to discuss the incident. ..more.. by JOE MAHONEY, DAILY NEWS ALBANY BUREAU CHIEF

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