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79-year-old dead of apparent suicide

The following Riverisde County news update has been provided by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

4-22-2008 California:

On April 16, 2008, an employee of De Anza Elementary School in San Jacinto saw an elderly male standing near the school watching the children. The employee approached the male and asked what he was doing. The male responded that he was watching the children.

Suspicious of the male’s intent, the employee searched the Megan’s Law website and located the male who was listed as a sex registrant in the City of San Jacinto.

Five days later the employee reported this incident to a San Jacinto Police Officer currently assigned as a school resource officer. The officer followed up on the information and went to the male’s residence.

The City of San Jacinto contracts with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department for police services.

Once at the residence, at about 2:45 p.m., the officer knocked at the door, identified himself as a police officer and asked to speak with the male. The male refused to open the door so the officer spoke to the male through the door.

The male continuously refused to answer the door and the officer could hear him walking throughout the residence muttering expletives as if he were upset at the officer’s presence.

A short time later, the officer heard a single gunshot from inside the residence. The officer called for additional officers to assist him.

Once the other officers arrived, they entered the residence and found the male deceased inside with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the head.

The scene was secured and members of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit were called to investigate. Central Homicide is involved when a death occurs with a police officer present.

During a search of the residence, a suicide note and a firearm were located.

The subject is a white male, 79 years old.

The investigation is ongoing. ..more.. by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

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