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TX- Serial Rapist Commits Suicide Before Sentencing

2-21-2007 Texas:

.A Dallas man who prosecutors call a serial rapist will not go to jail for his crimes. That's because Robert Eugene Bird committed suicide by hanging hours before he was scheduled to face a punishment of life in prison. Bird's string of abductions and rapes were not widely publicized three years ago. But Dallas County prosecutors said he's one of the most vile criminals they've encountered.

Still, those prosecutors and his victims didn't want him to die before he could spend time in prison. "By committing suicide, he's avoided that too and that just doesn't seem fair," said one of his victims. The 31-year-old Dallas woman was on her way to work in March 2004 when she was attacked. Bird, a 61-year-old retired Vietnam veteran, pleaded guilty last week to raping two women.

Prosecutors said three years ago, Bird trolled northeast Dallas streets in a white van looking for victims. He subdued them with weapons that included duct tape, an ice pick and a stun gun. Two of Bird's victims now feel victimized again by their tormentor. It also leaves prosecutors worried that other possible victims of Bird will never be found. "There are other victims out there," said prosecutor Rebecca Dodds. "He indicated to [his victims] while they were being attacked that he had done this before and in fact had gotten away with it." ..more.. : by CBS 11 News

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