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Sex Abuse Suspect Kills Self After Spencer, IA Standoff

1-31-2008 Iowa:

A man sought for a sexual abuse in Wyoming committed suicide after a standoff with police at a hotel in Spencer.

A little after 10:30 Thursday morning, four Spencer Police officers tried to serve a warrant to 49-year-old Allen Harman, who was staying at the Americ-Inn in Spencer.
The officers talked with harman, who did identify himself. But, After several conversations, Harman denied living in Wyoming, or having any warrants for his arrest. Police then asked him to step out of the room.

Mark Lawson, Spencer Chief of Police, says,"After several more requests officers heard what they though what they first through was a muffled gunshot and then 30 seconds later, they heard two more definite gunshots."

After the shots were fired, officers then called for back up and law enforcement officials locked down the motel and evacuated guests and staff.

Officers used a pole camera to see into the second story room and the camera showed the suspect laying on the bed not moving.

Lawson, say,"There was a hand gun nearby, he wasn't moving. Based on this information, it appeared that he had taken his own life and then officers breached the door and confirmed that finding."

Lawson says Harman was wanted in Wyoming for sexual abuse of a minor.

Spencer Police are still investigating this death and they are working with the Clay County Attorney, D-C-I and Wyoming officials. ..more.. by KTIV NewsChannel 4

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