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Another inmate dies at Sacramento County jail

8-3-2002 California:

SACRAMENTO – A convicted child molester apparently committed suicide Thursday in Sacramento County jail by overdosing on psychiatric medication.

The death was the second in two days at the jail and potentially the seventh suicide so far this year. Sheriff’s Department officials vowed to take action to stop the death toll.

“I don’t think it can get any worse,” Sheriff Lou Blanas said. “We need to find the answer.”

Sheriff’s officials said they believe the inmate died by suicide, but they are awaiting final toxicology reports that may indicate he died of natural causes.

However, officials believe 44-year-old Steven Mitchell Griffin had been hoarding drugs he had been prescribed, apparently planning his death for some time. Officials found 36 pills hidden under his mattress, suggesting he had saved the eight pills he received daily or bought some from other inmates.

Griffin also wrote four suicide notes saying goodbye to his mother and others, authorities said.

He was convicted recently on charges of molesting two small children and was facing a court date today where he could have been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Another high-profile inmate suicide at the jail involved accused multiple murderer Nikolay Soltys, who hanged himself in his jail cell earlier this year despite being under electronic surveillance.

Blanas asked the county Thursday to give him control of medical staff at the jail who now report to the county coroner. He said he also plans to hire two consultants to evaluate all procedures at the jail.

But officials say they may only be able to do so much to stop the epidemic of suicides at the jail, which some deputies have begun to refer to as “the morgue.”

“The sophistication of the inmates may have become such that they simply can devise ways to overcome our efforts to prevent suicides,” Undersheriff John McGinness said.

Officials have already tried to stop hangings – used in six of the suicides this year – by altering the bunks in the jail. ..more.. by Associated Press

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Guest said...

This is a fine example of the current process making someone sick enough to kill himself. RIP