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Molester kills himself in court

July 2007 France:

LAON, France - A retired French flight attendant committed suicide in a court in northern France, moments after hearing his conviction for sexually abusing children.

The man, 68, had smuggled a gun into the courtroom in a bag and shot himself through the heart, justice officials said.

The judge had just sentenced him to 12 years in prison for abusing young members of his family.

Justice Minister Rachida Dati sent a senior official to the town of Laon to determine why the weapon was not spotted.

A metal detector was supposed to be in operation at the entrance to the courthouse.

The incident took place a week after a judge in the northern city of Metz was stabbed by a woman after he ruled that her son should remain in foster care. He was seriously injured.

On Friday Dati ordered 20 million euros to be invested in increasing security measures in courthouses. ..more.. by Sunday Times

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