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Suspect Commits Suicide After Holding SWAT Team at Bay

4-25-2007 Texas:
A man held SWAT officers at bay at some apartments in Southwest Houston Wednesday afternoon before killing himself, Houston Police Department officers said.

Officers were called to 8148 Victorian Village at Windsor Village about 1 p.m. That's when major offenders and warrant services were trying to serve an arrest warrant on Michael Anthony Lightning, 42, who allegedly failed to register as a sex offender.

When officers arrived, the suspect was in a car. He left the car, allegedly pointed a gun at the officer and retreated to an apartment. About 7 p.m., Lightning was found dead in the apartment and had apparently shot himself hours earlier.

A nearby elementary school, Jenard Gross Elementary, was placed on lockdown but late in the afternoon parents were allowed to come and pick their children up.

As many as 57 of the children were still at the school after 6 p.m., because most of them live in the apartment complex where the SWAT situation was taking place. Between 35 and 40 of the students were stuck at school and their parents couldn't leave the apartment complex to come pick up their children. ..more.. by MyFox Houston

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